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Failing to pay your property taxes? BOOORING.

Public drunkeness? Criminal Mischef? Disorderly conduct? PAARRRTY!

Vote Dolan, cause he fuckin' ROCKS.



OK so what's a little disorderly conduct in college? Flip off a cop in Oakland circa 1990 & get your butt hauled to hail for a few hours. But I have to say that "at least 5 times" is a bit different from that. What's he wasting his time for campaigning for state legislator? Add an alleged felony drug use & a dash of hypocrisy & he's well on his way to becoming president.


I will vote for you!

Also, I will say Very Nice Things on my blog.

Such as that to my knowledge, you've never been to prison, and you have a sense of humor.

Therefore. My vote.

Yay, Pittsburgh!


I'm afraid I have some personal knowledge of your past highjinx that might disqualify you from endearing the publix trust.

Can you say 'Dave'tona?


Ohhh, so close to dropping your second "f-bomb" on the site.
I'll write you in. You would represent our district well. We still have time to start campaigning!
Does NYE count as public drunkeness?? Nah, that is the Big C's territory.


What is this "Dave-tona" of which you speak? I CANNOT OPERATE UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!


I'd vote for you, too! Your campaign's off to a good start.
At least local politics haven't gone as slimy as the citizens of my former home county this week. Today in the news: the man who mugged and purse-nabbed a 77yr old nun, and the woman who stole a 10yr old's wheelchair in a fit of drunken whateverness.

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